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19-Nov-2016 14:40

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You see, Lady Colin Campbell was raised as a boy called George.

The ‘Lady Colin Campbell’ thing might suddenly make sense now, but just to clear that up, borrowing the name of the posh man you’re married to, like Princess Michael of Kent, is a thing that posh/aspiring posh women do. But what’s different about Lady Colin is she was born intersex and was raised as a boy until she was 21.

I can understand that hermaphrodites are a result of sin.

But if homosexuality is wrong then what moral basis does a hermaphrodite or “its” parents have for selecting a gender?

While the plant is in the early stages of growing, it is also impossible to determine gender. Cannabis plants can be both male and female in the right circumstances.

Cannabis is actually much like other plants - with most having this ability.

This meant her genitals looked neither male nor female.

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This means that apart from bits of rhizome being washed down rivers, it can only get around by being moved around in contaminated soil.An interesting situation arises when only one sex of an alien dioecious plant is imported into the UK.