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Sadly, it looks like the effort left them too exhausted to come up with any funny jokes or compelling storylines, but don't worry - it seems there on the same lot.“They had an immediate connection,” a source tells the tabloid.Here’s everything you need to know about Fox’s bundles of joy.

online you know that the show's writers cooked up some far-fetched nonsense in order to replace Zooey Deschanel with Megan Fox while Zooey was on maternity leave.

This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America. When Mike would ask her to do specific things, there was no time for fluffy talk. (One gem that emerges is that a friend “just can’t see him with somebody over 35.” Bay is 51.) Brad Fuller, his Platinum Dunes partner, shared the following anecdote: The first time I saw Michael on a bigger set, he was doing a video, and there was the hottest blonde girl I’ve ever seen in my life, and she’s got a wind machine on her.

There’s no time for [La Beouf assumes a gentle voice] oral history of Michael Bay, friends, family members, colleagues, and even Bay himself are interviewed about the director.

All I was wearing was a bra and underwear and a big, billowing, black, floor-length cape and high heels.

And he says, “OK, when we shout action, you’re going to walk!News Her pregnant belly was most noticeable when she and co-star Will Arnett walked on stage to promote their upcoming movie, Fox already has two young children with her estranged husband, Brian Austin Green, and despite their separation, he’s also the father of their third child, according to Us Weekly.